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Hostio VPS

High Performance Virtual Private Servers with NVMe Storage. These virtual servers are not suitable for announcing (external) subnets.

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Hostio VPS Managed

Let our experts manage your server so you can focus on your business. Rent Premium, Customizable Virtual Private Servers for any project and let our experts manage it for you.

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Hostio VDS

Rent High-Performance Virtual Dedicated Servers with NVMe Storage.

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Hostio Bare Metal

Rent Powerful Dedicated Servers that are made to fit your business' needs.

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Hostio IP

Rent 100% Clean IP Ranges directly from us. We have sufficient IPv4 Ranges available for (new) long-term clients. Contact us before for ordering.

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Hostio LIR

We can request an ASN in your or your business’ name by means of a signed RIPE agreement or you can transfer your ASN to our LIR.

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Hostio DNS

Hostio Solutions has developed and maintains a fast and user-friendly DNS (management) infrastructure which is used by many resellers and users.

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We're more than happy to make changes. With Managed Agreements, changes are included in the price. Without a Managed Agreement, a small fee is charged.

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