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Request For Change

We're more than happy to make changes. For clients who purchased managed solutions, these changes are included in the price. For clients who don't have a managed agreement, a small fee is charged.


When clients order new IPv4 ranges from us, supplying the first LOA is included in the setup costs.

For new LOA's the costs are €25 per LOA (including ROA/RKPI changes)

• max. one ASN per LOA
• max. 5 ranges per LOA

Remote Hands

Hostio's remote hand service is suitable to (partially) outsource installation, operation, and management to one of our expert technicians.

• €25 per 15 minutes

BGP/ASN Changes

Moving servers and subnets from one ASN to another require changes on the server, BGP, switch, RIPE database, and extra administration.

- Moving 1x server
- Max 4x IPv4 /24 ranges
- €45 one time