IP policy regarding blacklisting

Hostio Solutions aims for the highest possible quality of our network and especially IP ranges.

Therefore, IP addresses must be kept clean at all times and may never be used for spamming, criminal activities, large mail marketing, etc

If IP addresses are being misused and/or are blacklisted, the customer must take immediate action to resolve this within 48 hours. If this has not happened within 48 hours, we will charge 50 euro per IP address to resolve the issue. If the misuse of IP addresses continues we take back the leased IP addresses/ranges ('revoke') without the possibility of getting a refund. The amount of any remaining contract period will be invoiced.

If the blacklisting concerns a hosting service hosted with us and issues are not resolved within 48 hours or more blacklistings or abuse reports come in, we have the right to suspend your services immediately in order to protect our IPs and other customers

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