GEO Location

When requesting an IPv4 range for rental / lease clients should inform us in which country the range(s) will be announced. Changing the GEO location is possible when the following requirements are met:


  • RIPE must be updated for the IP range to the designated country (by us)
  • The IP range must be announced on an ASN which is in the designated country (by client)

Client can submit GEO location information / updates to the platforms Maxmind, DBIP and IP2Location. As these services are not managed by us we have no control over the speed of their support. The changes may take up between 1 to 4 weeks. Us the following websites / mail to submit your GEO location requests









We encourage clients to submit these changes themselves. Optionally clients can request us to update the GEO location for the IP ranges rented from Hostio Solutions. The one time fee per request (multi ranges in one time) is 75 EUR. The request can be submitted as a ticket.

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