Information required for RIPE objects

In order for us to add your information in the RIPE database we need the following information:

Company / organisation details

  • Company or person name

  • Contact person

  • Address

  • Zip code

  • City

  • Country

  • Email

  • Telephone

  • VAT Number (required for EU customers)

  • AS number

  • Data center and location



  • Netname

  • Descr

  • Country

  • MNT-routes

  • MNT-domains


RIPE object ORG / ROLE

  • Company or person name

  • Street name

  • Zip code + city

  • Country

  • Org email

  • Abuse email



  • Full name

  • Straat name

  • Zip code + city

  • Country

  • Admin email

  • Admin telephone


This information can be submitted via

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