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Microsoft maintains its own internal blacklists, which are used to block emails from specific networks and IP addresses. Microsoft uses (way too) strict policies. As a result, we can no longer guarantee that emails that are sent from our network will arrive at Outlook/Hotmail. E-mail users at Microsoft have not been receiving emails for a long time.

The problem at Microsoft is happening because they block entire networks or traffic from other data centers. For example, if in a block of 1000 IP addresses only a few send spam, Microsoft will block all the IP addresses. They do this even when the users don’t have anything to do with these few spammers. Microsoft does not notify its users of this. Therefore, there is a risk of missing important emails.

Hostio Solutions has a high-quality network and has very strict requirements for the use of our infrastructure. Spammers are stopped immediately upon detection. We have over 50.000 IP addresses that are monitored daily on 100+ blacklists. We strive to have 100% clean IP addresses.

We would like to solve this problem and have contacted Microsoft several times. Unfortunately, these attempts have been unsuccessful. Microsoft does not want/cannot provide us with any information and does not cooperate, which makes it impossible for us to find the cause of the problem. Also, Microsoft has never notified us or given us a warning that this could happen.

Unfortunately, to this day we have not received any notifications or evidence that something has been done from our network towards Outlook/Hotmail.

Despite the fact that we and several other providers experience the same problems with Microsoft, we will continue to do our best to resolve this issue. We hope that other hosting companies that experience the same issue report it to Microsoft so that a solution can be found as soon as possible.

Fortunately, we can offer an SMTP service via a supplier where the emails do arrive at Outlook/Hotmail. SMTP is the core business of this supplier. However, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. 

We will, of course, update you if there is any news!

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