Prohibited Services and Activities Conditions

Here you can find a list of services that are forbidden to run on our infrastructure.

Prohibited services and activities:

  • Running a Tor relay or exit node
  • Any (crypto) mining activities
  • Continuous high (CPU) load
  • Sending SPAM or any other type of message abuse
  • Running botnet / proxy
  • Port / IP scanning
  • DDoS attacks
  • Offensive, false, or illegal content
  • Any fraud or criminal activities
  • Phishing websites
  • Any activity that may cause blacklisting of our IP and ASN network

Failing to comply may result in immediate termination of (all) services without any possibility of refund.

By default, we block the following ports

  • TCP port 25
  • TCP port 8444

In the future, we may block other ports that may have a negative impact on our infrastructure and the services of other clients. On request, clients can request to have port 25 (SMTP) opened via a ticket.

If you are a reseller or hosting company please contact us so we can assign you to a special client group. This way you have the possibility to solve the issues with your clients first.

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