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Hostio Solutions offers a Hostio ASN and a Hostio Managed ASN. But what’s the difference?

Hostio ASN 

Price: €150 per year
Setup: €125

  • We request an ASN for a customer by means of a signed agreement. 
  • The customer must supply 2 upstream providers that he/she will use.
  • The Hostio ASN is self-managed by the customer and can be connected to any network.
  • The customer needs technical knowledge to use this ASN with a provider.
  • Company registration papers and/or copy of the passport
  • For €95,- an hour, the customer can hire us for support.


Hostio Managed ASN

Price: €75 per month
Setup: €125

  • We request a Managed ASN with the name of the customer by means of a signed agreement.
  • Managed ASN is announced and managed on our network.
  • Customer pays no extra costs if ranges are purchased from us (no monthly/annual maintenance costs and no setup costs)
  • If the customer wants to announce an external range on our network on the Managed ASN of the customer, we charge €125 setup costs per announcement and annual maintenance fee of €145 (multiple ranges possible per announcement).
  • If the customer wants to connect and install his Managed ANS on a new server, we will charge a one-time setup fee of €45
  • The reason that the Managed ASN is more expensive than the Hostio ASN is that we do the full management and maintenance. This costs more money.

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